Naomi Leeman is an urban designer, planner, and illustrator with roots in the Midwest, but currently living in Southern Maryland.  Trained as an urban designer, Naomi is passionate about designing places.  You could even call her a "place designer", if that were a term.  She uses her talents on a wide variety of projects -- from developing master plans that guide community development, to creating maps that help people appreciate a place, right down to helping a new business create a strong branding package -- with one goal overarching goal in mind: to encourage and celebrate great places.  She enjoys traveling the world, sketching the places she sees, and searching for interesting handcrafted goods along the way.  Naomi volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and has served on the Board of Directors of the Patuxent Habitat for Humanity affiliate since 2018.

She earned her Master of Design Studies in Real Estate Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She graduated summa cum laude from Ball State University where she received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Minor in Urban Planning. As part of her undergraduate degree, she studied urban design in over 25 countries, an experience which allows her to bring design inspiration from around the world. 

ネオミ リーマンはイラストレーターと都市デザイナーとグラフィックグラフィクデザイナーをしています。今、岩国に住んで働いていますが、故郷はアメリカのインディアナ州です。彼女の趣味は世界で旅しながらスケッチをすることです。また、彼女は手作りの品物が大好きだから、世界中からそんなものを集めています。

ネオミはハーバード大学院で不動産開発修士号を取得しています。彼女は景観設計造園の学士号を受け取ったボールステイト大学ボールスタート学を首席で卒業しました。 大学の時、彼女は、25以上の国で都市デザインを学びました。その経験があるから、彼女のデザインは多くの世界の影響を受けました。 

During the 10 years of my professional urban planning career, I have had the pleasure of working with many great landscape architects and designers, both in our city and region and across the nation and globe. I can personally attest that Naomi Leeman is one of most talented emerging landscape architects/urban designers in the US. Moreover, she is extremely pleasant, engaging, energetic, cooperative, and honest.”

Josh Martin, Turnberry Consulting


Naomi is a gifted artist and very responsive. She produced a map quickly, was extremely flexible and was eager to produce something wonderful. We couldn't be happier with the process or the end product -- a useful and charming map.

Michael, Wedding Map Customer



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