Angel Oak Preserve


LOCATION:  Johns Island, South Carolina

CLIENT:  Sustainable Settlement, LLC

DATE:  September 2012 - July 2013

DESCRIPTION:  Located on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina, the Angel Oak Preserve is a conservation project proposed and championed by the Lowcountry Open Land Trust.  If preserved, this land will protect and celebrate the unique 500 year old Angel Oak tree near the property.  I was lucky to be part of the team to create graphic renderings to illustrate potential designs and surrounding areas.  Here's how the Lowcountry Open Land Trust describes the project: "Situated at a community crossroads in the heart of Johns Island, this publicly accessible park will provide an opportunity for visitors to gather, learn and celebrate the region's cultural and natural history.  Protecting the property will enhance and extend the existing parkland, with the potential to create a more functional multi-use park experience for visitors, allowing them to explore a forest park while just steps away from the property's namesake attraction. The park will create an additional layer of connectivity - between the existing Angel Oak Park and the adjacent school - providing students with an easily accessible experiential learning opportunity unparalleled in Charleston County."  Find out more on the Lowcountry Open Land Trust website.

Johns Island & surrounding protected lands

Proposed Angel Oak Preserve

Unpreserved & Built Out

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