Town of Bluffton Unified Development Ordinance

Transect Diagram

LOCATION:  Bluffton, South Carolina

CLIENT:  Town of Bluffton

DATE:  August 2011


The Town of Bluffton, SC used a transect-based land use approach when overhauling their zoning, subdivision, and other planning codes into one set of regulations -- the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  These regulations cover aspects of the built environment, including what different types of land uses can be constructed (single family, stores, offices etc.), size, height and placement of buildings, how much parking is needed and standards for its design, design standards for landscape, lighting and signs, and the design of stormwater management and utilities.   Naomi served as the graphic consultant on the interdisciplinary team and her responsibilities included all the hand-drawn graphic diagrams throughout the code.  Please visit the Town of Bluffton's Website to view and download the entire UDO.

Building Height Diagram

Transect Diagram

Lot Setback Diagram

Streetscreen Diagram

Streetscreen Diagram

"Sharrows"  - Integration of Bike Lanes

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